About Us

ECC-RD (Caribbean and Dominican Republic Cinematographic Training) is a non for profit organization whose objective is to coordinate academic training with international certification bodies, to raise the professional level of human resources working in the film industry in Dominican Republic; allowing contribute to strengthening the links between global, regional and local demand with existing supply of the country, both professionals with knowledge as well as capacity and quality of performance.



Contribute to the Dominican film industry with a diversity of high level professionals, aligned with international standards; in order to meet the present and future demand for domestic and foreign productions.



Provide expert and world-class film training to the Dominican industry.



Coordinate specialized training programs in specific cinematographic areas through partnerships with prestigious and international academic institutions.



  • Visionaries – long term investments in talent and human resources.
  • Professionalism – we provide professional training and optimization of the industry.
  • Partners – we are strategic partners of professionals, technicians, specialists, investors, directors, producers and any specialized entity in the industry.
  • Committed – we believe that a top-level industry requires ongoing training and support.


Since inception to the present

Since 2011, we had the initiative to professionalize and optimize the Dominican film industry, in benefit for the whole market and aligned with trends. Since then, we have trained 116 professionals in 7 areas of the industry, of which 94 have been internationally certified.

At present, we have a database with 987 professionals, specialists and technicians, both active and non active in the film industry; many of them with over more than 10 years experience of high and medium level, while in other cases they are professionals graduated with little experience in cinematography, recent graduates without experience, self-taught and trained professionals with experience via both ECC-RD, as well as other accredited institutions.


Key Facts

In two years, we achieved:

  • 987 technicians and cinematographic specialists in our database
  • 116 trained professionals via ECC-RD
  • 94 certified professional at a international level



In 2012, ECC-RD successfully conducted its first seminar in strategic alliance with the CPF – SICA (Training Center of the Film Industry Union of Argentina) and the IPL (Instituto Politécnico Loyola); in which 20 people were trained composed by 11gaffers and 9 grips. In the same facilities at the same time, 19 professionals were trained as first assistant Director.

In July same year, we conducted a second round of training with a Diploma in Accounting Cinema, in partnership with Sargent Disc of London; one of major and most important companies for film production accounting. 17 fully bilingual CPA Dominicans received this certification.

In 2013, we conducted three courses: Line Producer, Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) and Assistant Camera for Digital Cinema. The first, Line Producer, was taught by Maine Media Workshops + College. The purpose of this course – the workshop was to train 15 professionals Assistance Directors and Heads of Production and previous experience in feature film, in the work of Line Producer internationally.

The second and third year, DIT and Camera Wizard for Digital Cinema, was given by the CFP-SICA (Vocational School Union of Film Industry Argentina) in the locations of Panamericana Production. For the course of DIT, 7 new professionals immediately inserted in the labor market were certified.



By constantly monitoring the market, ECC-RD detects areas where the supply is less than demand, or those in which the bid does not reach the first class standards, producing actions to transform for the better the supply chain and surpassing market demands.

ECC-RD prepares, coordinates and implements practical training and academic institutions involved in the industry. Maintains current information and status of the industry, manages courses, monitors graduates, inserting them into the labor market; proactively assessing the present and future demand.

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